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Juice Package Design

Juice Package Design

Kirill AskA
February 15, 2020
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Complete branding and packaging design project for a juice producer. The idea behind the project was to create a minimalistic designs which will represent the main characteristic of a product - that it is 100% natural. Bright elements on a black bottle are designed to draw customer attention.

The choice of black color as the main one was aimed at creating an eye-catching design, which will work at its best when place with other juices (as the usually are designed with a lot of bright colors). The main aim of chosen clean and minimalistic design is to highlight the usage of natural product in production and in Ryder to create a certain movement we have came up with idea of using only one accent color which will show the flavor of a product.

During this project the main tool wad Adobe Photoshop. The final variant of the design was created within this app. However, first sketches and brain-storming process was conducted with help of Procreate app. In order to clearly represent the final look we need to create a 3D visualization. So for this aim Adobe Dimensions was chosen as the most suitable app for such type of a project.

The client took an active role during this project and participated in brainstorming sessions. Before creating the final look of a project we have turn down 2 ideas which were completely different. This project helped to get more familiar with creating 3D mockups and creating better final presentations with adding 3D visualization to it.

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