Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy is a juice brand I came up with and it consists of 4 flavours: grape, banana, orange and strawberry. The design is simplistic, bright and balanced. It gives off a bit of a vintage vibe because of my bottle choice, but it’s still modern age design.

I wanted to create a juice brand, but keep it simple and that’s why I used the plain fruit illustration style with a solid background and a font style of my own. The colours of each flavour all matches the typical colour of the fruits. The way everything is assembled, it just fits with the flow. I probably rearranged it 7 times!

I did my piece in Adobe Illustrator. I started off with rough sketching my font and taking it into illustrator, then I started illustrating the fruits. After that, I then searched for the most suitable bottle and started working on the label. Last but not least, I fixed up a background using the colour of the fruits (a dark and light). I then assembled them in a way that it looks balanced and I had my finished product.

Some people like the style of my work and some questions it. Most people who aren’t in the industry doesn’t always understand that less is more and balance is key. The design may look like it look 2 minutes to create but it’s actually the small things that takes up most of your time, like placement for example.

Aeysha Arend

I’m just a little Graphic Designer trying to find my way through the field, trying to explore all aspects, learn and grow. I love what I do and that’s what makes design enjoyable for me. Love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.