June 9 2016 +

‘June 9 2016 +’ is part of an ongoing series of journal entries where I describe where I am in life and my views at that moment in time. This specific journal entry covers the topic of the age old question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years.”.

All the journal entries happen through random inspiration, whether it be from taking the time to sit and ponder the thoughts running through my head, or getting into a deep conversation with a friend about meaningful topics. For this project the idea of sunrise photography was already a goal I had in mind, so we woke up at 3 in the morning to trek out to the mountains to capture the sunrise in all it’s glory. The outfit she was wearing was chosen to fit the ‘outdoorsy’ and ‘rustic’ nature of the shoot. The rest of the day and shoots were impromptu and spontaneous.

I used a variety of lenses: Carl Zeiss 50mm, Nikkor 10-24mm, Nikon 55-200mm along with my FujiFilm X-e2 camera. Post processing was all done in Adobe’s Lightroom. The process started off at the shoot, with learning the location we were shooting at since I had never been previously. Once I understood the location and could setup the shots we jumped straight in, getting multiple poses in different variations trying to cover all the bases I wanted. We traveled over to other locations to keep the shoot going and the same process applied. Once done I was so excited to start editing up the photos, I wanted to keep it organic to what the original shot was like but just fitting the tone to what I had envisioned before the shoot.

I always get interesting responses to the things I write about in my journal entries, and this one was no different. People had similar views and even some conflicting views where they need things to be planned out. A lot of people have ideas of where they will be in 5 years which goes against what I wrote about. I love seeing peoples views alongside the same topics I write about.

Connell McCarthy

Graphic Designer and Photographer living in Vancouver. Head of Design Monstercat.