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JUS • Juice Up Saigon

JUS • Juice Up Saigon

Duy — N
December 10, 2017
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JUS • Juice Up Saigon is a raw, cold-pressed juice company. Founded in Sep 2015 by three people sharing the same love for a healthy life, their journey starts from Saigon, one of the most busiest city in Southeast Asia. Juice Up Saigon offers a simple, delicious way to integrate plant-based health into a busy life because they believe that nutritious and delicious juices could be made practical and ready for everybody.

Our mission is researching and finding the right solution both in terms of visual identity as well as art direction to create an unique sustainable cold pressed juice brand in Vietnam. Since cold-pressed juice is a complete new product in Vietnam, JUS • Juice Up Saigon is the pioneer to break the barrier, therefore, the challenge is huge.
Based on the concept of equilateral triangle of yoga that connects body — spirit — mind together, we created an unique equilateral triangle bottle shape.

3Ds Max & Clay together helps us making great prototype for the best shape of bottle, to be on hand, to be mobile, and standing out with triangle shape.
Illustrator & Photoshop helps to create the whole branding and packaging system.
We did create a model online service system from purchasing online to customer care service.

Saigon’s pace is getting faster to catch up with the world developing speed. Along with such changes come compromises, such as healthy lifestyle giving in to convenience with fast food and soda. JUS • Juice Up Saigon is standing out of the market due to its unique bottle design as well as service system to make everyday life of Saigonese healthier, creating a new society has never existed before following healthy lifestyle.

Product Photography — Monkey Minh, Hau Le
Store Photography — Dion Nguyen
Stylist — Ben Phạm

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