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Just Characters

Just Characters

Marina Pérez
March 7, 2017
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This is a personal proyect of 15 illustrations focused on character design. I wanted to improve my skills on character design and drawing so I decided to do a little series of illustrations with few characters and no specific theme. Here are the last 5.

I felt I have to improve on character design. I needed more variety, not only kids although I really like drawing them, they are so funny. I wanted to draw more adults, female and male characters, also wanted to finish the work before, to be faster. I didn't choose any specific theme for this project, each illustration is independent.

For this project, and for all my work I use Photoshop. I work with Photoshop CC and my Wacom Bamboo tablet. I do everything in digital since the sketches. First, I draw a general sketch, no colour, with character and background, composing the image. After that, I usually coloring the character, in this case, the kids. With one texture brush I draw flat colours so I can see the palette and doing changes if it is necessary. The lines are do with other texture brush, and at last, I put the shadows and some details, like eyes.

To do the backgrounds, I choose one base colour and experiment with textures. In this project I didn't focused in backgrounds, wanted to do them more simples.

Well, I have to admit I didn't expect so much attention in this project because it is more focused in character design and improving my personal skills, it's just a set of personal illustrations but I'm really happy that people like it.

Here I only show the last 5 illustrations.
If someone wanted to see all the project can do it in my Behance profile.
Thanks for watching!

Marina Pérez

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