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Juuntos Brand Identity

Juuntos Brand Identity

David Silva
February 14, 2022
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Juuntos is much more than a Fintech, they were born to be the partners of brokers and insurance brokers. Formed by professionals who know the challenges of undertaking in this segment. Seeing through new perspectives, they believe that it is necessary to create relationships that are different from the traditional credit market and change the way these entrepreneurs are treated.

Its services were designed to meet the operating model of insurance brokers and decided to go further, making a bank digital. Seeking to offer a set of tools to facilitate and simplify the financial process of insurance brokers, they promote a unique experience in accessing a line of credit for business growth.

A truly flexible brand was needed to reflect a truly flexible service. We developed a framework to consistently communicate this quality, which is infinitely adaptable but instantly identifiable.

The concept consists of a clear and uncomplicated visual language - with smooth shapes that complement the brief but substantial messages. The texts refer directly to the company's main service, eg. debureaucratize access to financial solutions and allow your business to keep "running".

Above all, we saw their innovative spirit expressed by the purpose of their services - the aim of making the financial process easier, quick and hassle free. As a result, the visual identity was based on technology around human-centered design with the intention of making it more eligible and understandable. Last but not least, we were inspired by the ease with which they decided to deliver progress on a more creative level, moving away from the traditional financial market.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

The logo, a tangible representation of the brand, is illustrated in an iteration of the elo symbol – dynamic and flexible with a vibrant color palette, it encompasses a humanistic font and inclusive photographic style. The logo can transform into other shapes and figures, making the appearance of the technology easy to understand. Taking advantage of the infinite possibilities, we extended the identity to a series of motion design elements to create a unique and consistent visual experience.

David Silva

Founder and Designer at Estúdio Kuumba, a studio governed by three principles: The passion for creating a great brand, or appetite for challenging work and the excitement of new projects. Projects that will make customers happy.

With strategy and a lot of study, it creates important and relevant brands for small companies.

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