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Karpooler Android App by Ghani Pradita

Karpooler Android App by Ghani Pradita

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July 28, 2015
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Ghani Pradita's friend in Egypt asked him to help his startup - a carpooling company. His client wanted to build a carpooling app, without a doubt he took the job right away, considering he has never work on any taxi or car based app before, he felt challenged when he saw the brief.


My friend (my client) gave me a short brief and workflow, after I saw it, I started making everything from scratch. I ask a few friends near me about what they want and what they need if they are the user. Then, based on that feedbacks I made my own wireframe/workflow, and I start working on the designs. My inspiration behind the project is Skype app. I think it's professional messenger app that has fun aspect on its style, so the user will enjoy it and not get bored. Based on that case, I choose a fun color scheme and add some cute illustration in the app to make user feels fun, but still highly usable.
-Ghani Pradita


On Board Animation

On Board Animation

I think the best part of my design is the navigation and usability. I use tabs as the main navigation instead of hamburger menu (most of google apps used hamburger). Using swiping interaction to jump from a page to another will be so easy and not wasting time. Honestly, I'm still an aspiring artist. So, I just want to say, don't only focus on the UI but also consider the UX. Go outside and think from the user's perspective.
-Ghani Pradita




About Ghani Pradita

Ghani Pradita is a 25-year-old designer from Kulon Progo, a small town in Indonesia. He has worked as a freelance for few small companies and some awesome startups. His work focused mainly on Mobile UI/UX designs. See more of his work at Behance.

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