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Kartarpur Corridor

Kartarpur Corridor

Ali Mankani
February 25, 2020
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Gurdwara Darbar Sahib remains a significant monument for Sikhs all over the world.
It's located in Pakistan which connects to the border of India. The Gurdwara is one of most beautiful man-made architecture I've ever seen. Not only that but how happy the visitors were from both sides made it even more alluring.

When the picture of Kartarpur came out, I was always fascinated by the way it looked and it always attracted me. When I finally visited the Gurdwara, I was in awe and could not stop myself from capturing as much as I can.

I took pictures from around 10-15 angles and shortlisted these. The sky was perfect. The atmosphere was peaceful. A perfect day to capture the moments.

I used Samyang 24mm and 50mm Lenses mounted on Sony Alpha to capture the following images

Manual Focus | Cine 2 (Custom Profile) | Saturation = -7 | Sharpness = -3

For editing and grading, I used Adobe Lightroom and exported in high res JPEG.

For me, these were not very extra ordinary pictures but somehow people loved it. Probably because of the amazing architecture itself from which I learned that angles, colors and picture quality doesn't matter as long as the content in the frame is worth to watch.

Ali Mankani

Film | Photo | Creative Direction

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