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Kaya - Organic Skincare | Packaging Mockup

Kaya - Organic Skincare | Packaging Mockup

Jean Camille de Castro
September 9, 2019
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Kaya - Organic Skincare is a non-existing brand I created for practice purposes. The brand name came from the FIlipino word, Kaya, which means it pertains to one’s ability or capability to do something. As everybody's obsessing with skincare products nowadays, great packaging helps attract potential customers purchase these types of products in the market.

I came up on the idea of creating a packaging as I was shopping online for skincare. And lately, I've been practicing with liquid-ish patterns and I'm obsessed with this technique! I've also added a terrazzo patterns for the sides of the packaging to catch one's attention - not just an ordinary and typical plain packaging. And with dark green and peach colors balanced the theme palette of this mockup. I went for simple yet very eye-catching design.

I used Adobe Illustrator for the patterns and layouts. I used the Brush Tool and drew wavy (liquid-ish) patterns and random shapes for the terrazzo pieces. The colors should compliment the main ones which are the dark green and peach. For the actual packaging mockups, I used Adobe Photoshop and did overlay my layouts that I created from Illustrator.

I shared this project on my Instagram story as this was not a project for a client. Some of my friends, mostly the ones on . my same field of work, liked this project, especially the color combination.

Three hours after posting this project on Behance, Dannica from Design Ideas sent me a message regarding sharing this piece on their website, and I was really glad receiving that kind of email regarding my artworks.

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Jean Camille de Castro

Jean Camille de Castro is a Graphic Designer from the Philippines, currently based in Juarez, Chihuahua. She does illustrations, business campaign visions and other marketing collaterals.

Camille employs her spare time reading self-help books, wandering cities and taking photos, and spending hours searching for her type of music.

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