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Keeback - futuristic digital backpack

Keeback - futuristic digital backpack

Steel Drake
October 24, 2019

Keeback is the first-of-its-kind innovative wearable technology backpack that fundamentally changes the concept of tech bags. It breaks the norm and reinvents it to the next level. A simplified, functional and hard-wearing backpack that compliments your style. We've brought it from the future and now it differs from all the backpacks you've ever seen.

I came up with this idea in December 2016 with the support of Maksat Rysaliev. When I got to the office that cold morning, I told my teammates Roman and Tolubai that this is going to be the next generation of backpacks. I had conceptualized the exact shape and design. Later on, we created the first foam prototype and ordered a simple single color display to see how it looks like. We resolved many issues since that time and, in 2019, after Almaz Dzhunusov - the driving force of the project - joined our team and became also a founder, we implemented this project through collaborative efforts.

The first was Paper and Pen
the first idea model was made in 3ds max and keyshot
After it took more than 6 months to finish it all in Solidworks
After finishing the modeling stage for keyshot and Corona renderer

We collected a lot of comments from all. Every opinion is really important for us to improve Keeback, to make it more versatile and for wide auditories, like who are trendy, fashion lovers, designers, bikers, musicians DJs and etc. It is not easy when you are present something new, people have a lot of questions when they see something extraordinary differs from all they used to use in daily life.

Steel Drake

5 comments on “Keeback - futuristic digital backpack”

  1. First impression: lovely design, interesting line of thought, could be a nice wannahave. The downside: functions they came up with which are so past decades. I'm living in the twenties of the 21st century though. Looking forward to some really interesting functions that suit my way of living today and tomorrow. Until then, I would not buy this gimmick.

  2. It is hard to say about inspiration, but one thing is Robocop, who remember this movie fro 80th, I'm sure that the design of Robocop is perfect

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