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Keramikos Loft

Keramikos Loft

Dimitrios tilelis
November 17, 2018
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Keramikos loft is located in the heart of the historical center of Athens, Greece; a unique urban environment that
features a combination of numerous masterpieces of neoclassical architecture with modernistic
buildings and industrial warehouses.
A simple yet luxurious and elegant design can be found in all spaces but also in the details.
Open and clear spaces are being kept in order to preserve the loft concept but at the same time to give
a homey and intimate feeling for the owners. A light color palette of off-whites, warm greys and soft
wooden tones enhance the natural light of the openings.

Two black marble voids shape the kitchen area with a main counter and an island in the middle, while
creating a contrast from the subtle tones of the rest of the apartment. Sleek and sharp lines are main
element of the kitchen design.

A Scandinavian aesthetic can be found in the entire apartment design with a closer selection in furniture,
rugs and lighting. Modern, simple and minimal but at the same time comfortable that can be used at all
times.The existing architectural openings and structural elements are being kept in the apartment’s design in
order to give character to the space.

I hope people like this project It was made with love and a high level of inspiration. A new project is different from another one. So, I always think we learn something new. This project was a mix of ideas and functionality.

dimitrios tilelis

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