The Kero pendant takes us ‘back to basics’ with it’s super simplistic form. The ‘golden ratio’ theory is what gave rise to the light’s initial concept, which endeavoured to achieve a perfect equilibrium between materials. There is a fine line between the balances of complimenting/contrasting materials. Kero is tangible in the way that it is applicable to other forms such as as wall-sconce or even table lamp. Made entirely by hand from extruded steel and turned timber, each pendant is a product of Australia.

It’s hard to pin-point when or where the concept of this light was conceived, but perhaps whilst flicking through old 60’s and 70’s home and furniture magazines. The main drive behind the creation of the Kero was to create a pendant light that would not only compliment both commercial and residential spaces, but also super simple in both form and construction, that could be composed quickly and easily from locally sourced manufacture and material (Made available in classic/commonplace hardwoods; White oak and Walnut).

Kero was fleshed-out through a series of rough sketches which later eventuated into CAD models made in Solidworks. This gave me a clear visual and allowed me to fine tune the ratio of materials and scale of the end resolution before prototyping. Most of my design work is influenced by geometric shapes and ratios.

Im quite happy to say that so far i have had great response to this light both on social media and at local exhibitions. Through the communication with other designers and architects I have learned how such a simple form has great tangibility in the way that it it can be made from many other material combinations and it can also lend itself to other forms such as a table light, sconce or ceiling mount.

Shipping worldwide, the Kero pendant is made to order through request at this stage via email; [email protected]

Alex O’Connell