Kids and Nature

Kids and Nature is a personal project of three illustration where I explore the relationship between children and nature. I wanted to create a project for my personal portfolio doing several illustrations with a theme in common. I love nature and make up impossible situations so I decided to use them in this project.

I decided to do a personal project of three illustrations combined these two themes: children and nature. I choose children because I feel they can do anything. You can draw them in any situation, playing in yours compositions with imaginative elements. To link the three illustrations I put one thing in common: children were interacting with nature creatures. And to me it’s so funny to draw imaginative situation and try to show them as if they were normal.

For this project, and for all my work I use Photoshop. I work with Photoshop CS5 and my Wacom Bamboo tablet. I do everything in digital since the sketches. First, I draw a general sketch, no colour, with character and background, composing the image. After that, I usually coloring the character, in this case, the kids. With one texture brush I draw flat colours so I can see the palete and doing changes if it is necesary. The lines are do with other texture brush, and at last, I put the shadows and some details, like eyes.
To do the backgrounds, I choose one base colour and experiment with textures, like wood, water or plants. In each one background of this project I experimented and investigated new textures. Also, I wanted to proved with different colous in this project, like green and blue even lights effects like in third illustration.

I felt satisfied when I finished this project, but I didn’t expect the good reception it received. It was really amazing. One of the most viewed in my social media with a good feedback from people. It is made with much care and detail, trying to do my best in each one, learned a lot about colour, composition and texture effects, and I’m really glad that people can get excited wiht my work. Hope you enjoy it!

Marina Pérez

Freelance illustrator based in Spain. My work is more focused on children’s illustration, but I like to try and explore new themes or styles. I enjoy to use imagination in my work and mix with elements of nature.