Kids Photography by Raquel Chicheri

A child is the most precious gift and blessing from God. Kids by self-taught photographer Raquel Chicheri is a project very close to her heart. No matter what the changes, one thing will not change, the model of her project – her kids. Read on to see her captivating images.

“Kids” is a monumental project, I have a huge amount of photos about this series. I think I will never end it up, maybe I will change the name, but the models will remain the same for years, my kids.
-Raquel Chicheri


My inspiration is life, is documentary photography, the kids and their adventures. Find something you love and take pictures of it, when you get bored find new concepts, forms and ideas.
DonĀ“t worry too much about technique.
-Raquel Chicheri



About Raquel Chicheri

Raquel Chicheri is a self-taught photographer, she studied international trade and graphics design but life guides her on a different way and now she just want to shoot. Her father was a great photographer and since she was a kid, have learned to love photography. See more of her work at Behance.