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Arturo serpas
October 22, 2018

The design of this room is intended for a children's daycare, its objective is that the parents of children feel comfortable while waiting for information or their children in a few words the idea of ​space is to create comfort and relaxation.

We all know that the best place where we feel better is in our homes, this is how the room has a homelike look in order to make people feel comfortable and this led to the choice of colors that generate some relaxation but balanced with colors that they generate a little energy and with respect to it as I mentioned earlier the idea was to recreate the room of each one of our homes.

The programs used were Revit, SketchUp, Vray, and photoshop. First determine the measurements of the space and then start to create the 3d model which is composed of windows, doors and walls, after this proceeded to place the furniture, make lighting tests and the configuration of the render as a last step create the textures of each of the furniture in the model with the help of pixplant and photoshop to then place them and make tests with the materials, to have an image that meets my expectations go to configure the final details for the final render, and proceed to the post-production in Photoshop, in this step the colors, lighting and other small elements are edited in this way is how I achieve this render.

A lot of people liked the design and the combination of colors. This made me feel very good and satisfied to know that people like what I do, with respect to learning. And the harmony between them and the elements that conform in a space for this is given with the feeling that wants to generate in the created space.

Let your imagination fly that they learn every day every day, that they do not forget that we never stop learning new things and that everything we learn can serve us in the future if they like something that they do and that they practice. Something does not come out as they want, do not give up.

arturo serpas

My name is Arturo Serpas. I'm a graphic design technician and I'm a fourth-year university student in architecture, I really like 3D, music and illustration.

2 comments on “Kindergarten”

  1. I think it is pretty cool how a room can be "designed" for a specific result or outcome from the person entering it. I really like the colors, they compliment each other well!

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