KIRIN beer concept

• This is the first Japanese beer that is produced since 1888. This is the most historic beer in Japan, with 127 years of history.
• KIRIN uses the “mythical beast” a legendary animal as the main symbol of the East.
• Characteristic feature is its rich, full-bodied and bitter taste. This is done via the hops as this beer taste.
• As a result, it was the best selling beer in Japan for 100 years of its existence, and became the beer that represents Japan.

This is my second beer KIRIN concept, as you can see. And just seen how I came to this concept, see the train of thought is seen as a process of simplification. As a result, I completely redrew its previous concept, from the logo to packaging.

Initially, the first concept I drew as an illustration, emerges a mythical beast – the same Kirin, it was the summer of 2015. But recently, just suddenly hit me in the head the idea of how it is possible to modify this concept.

At that time there were only positive emotions. I have not received a negative emotion from a project, maybe they are, but I do not see them.
But I still get any feedback, even if they are negative (in the presence of facts), I always try to improve myself.

I just want to say I appreciate the fact that each

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