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Kitchen -12.6m2

Kitchen -12.6m2

Khrystyna Mayik
April 1, 2017
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This project is an expression of what I believe is the design for me. I wanted it to be a combo of harmony in colors, simplicity of forms, natural materials in their best treatment and the ability not to overdo it all together =). I also think that the main necessary part of good interior is the composition in each detail, even in the smallest one.

Believing that the "less is more"(Mies van der Rohe) has helped me to make this kitchen that way like it is now. The kitchen is really small, it has a total area of only 12,6m2, that's why colors and the texture, I have chosen, are simple, very natural and the number of them is small. Also, what we have here, is accent - it is а lamp in red =) ( this red is in its warm shades). I have completed this red color’s theme with vegetables and kitchen appliances. No handles, sliding high doors in thin frames and concealed door in the same texture as the wall in what it is mounted, are here to make the interior more monolithic.

For the first, I didn't use color sketches by hand, I like to do this part in my head. Then I have used Graphisoft Archicad to create planning with dimensions for the better understanding of future using of the space. To complete the model I used Autodesk 3ds Max and to texture and to light - V-Ray Render Engine. Some simple retouches I have made in Adobe Photoshop.

This project was made for my big pleasure and to practice my modeling and rendering skills as well. Also I do really love to learn using some new color combinations and, what is very important to me, not to overdesign in each work.

Khrystyna Mayik

interior designer from Lviv, Ukraine

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