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Kitchen and dining room - Design and visualiszation

Kitchen and dining room - Design and visualiszation

Mohamed Beniane
March 3, 2020
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The kitchen and the dining is a piece in the house where we spent a part of our day specialy for the women so we decide to make it a kitchen and dining room extension and creat diffrents mood and cheerful space.

In the majority of this type of projects the kitchen is sperate from the dining room, so i think to make the dining room as an extension to kitchen as a same space.about the style i choose the modern because is a renovation project and when we renovat we always go ahead with some touche of the minimalist style.Finaly, concerning the color i put the hot color at the floor and the white at the cieling and the walls expect one wall i choose a fine dark wood to give depth for the extension of the dining room.

For the planing of the project i use Archicad 23 with his large library of furniture and export the plan as DXF format.

I use Blender Latest verion 2.82, i creat the walls and the ceilng, also the wood siding for the walls.i use archipack addon the get the windows and archimesh for the kitchen cabinets.the islnad is modeled by me and the rest of the Furniture taked from the Free assets of Chocofur and IMesh.

for the lighting i use a simple background with intensity of 10, also i use a Blackbody node the get the real color of the sky and the sun (5778 K).

I use Cycles render engine with 512 samples Denoised with the Optix Ai denoiser

I put a little modification with Adobe Photoshop to the sharpness of the render images

People liked the project specialy the renders and they are ask me for the tips, specialy when you get this result with Blender wich is an open source Programme.I always leran and try lot of tips and tricks in my projects and Keep trying to get the best image for better delivering the idea.

I say to the readers, Keep learning and working to achieve your goals


I am an architect from algeria , i have 25 years old and i work as a freelancer architect and interior designer.

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