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Kitchen of Clouds

Kitchen of Clouds

Timur Saberov
August 20, 2016
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"Kitchen of Clouds" — a network of stores of electronic cigarettes in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The company set a goal to not just open stores of electronic cigarettes, but to create attraction point for the community, vape-bars with its own atmosphere, where people could meet to try new tastes, test new devices, and just have a good time.
"Unblvbl" team with his hand held a massive work on the brand, having worked for several directions: from the logo and label design for liquid to the beer line!

Client came to us with the name, with which they have lived for years. And the idea of chef with tattoos in the logo was from them. We chose the black and white colors and painted tiny cook to make a style at once brutal and friendly. We also provided the use of a cooks shirt, so changing the color and pattern of the shirt, we can change the taste of the liquid. Even our chef transforms from vaper to beer lover. We can say that the brand and style are very versatile, as activity Kitchen is not limited to the sale of liquids and devices — in the long term it is a bar with a beer brand.

At first, even at the time of the negotiations, we have drawn sketches of cooks and the pattern on paper, then we have agreed to his tattoos and worked later in Illustrator. After matching the style we started to develop packaging for branded products. We also advised the client in the design of sales outlets.

People from vape commnity liked that project. Competitors appreciated the rebranding of Kitchen. We received several incoming format - "I liked the Kitchen logo, can you do something something like that for me?" Also, the project has been praised in the design community, it was on the main page of The project was unusual for us, but it was interesting. We learned a lot about the subculture of vaping and about their products.

Timur Saberov

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