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Nicolas Graindorge
September 26, 2018
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Klint is a multi-functional object responding to the needs of everyday life, he designs to fold steel as a sheet of paper like an origami. Transforming easily by the hand of the user, a steel sheet into a particularly efficient and functional reminder.

Thanks to origami, it is by folding a sheet of paper that this idea of pocket came naturally. The choice of materials has subsequently defined the project's function, an object offering magnetic properties with the natural magnetization of steel. The cutting of the sheet minimizes losses and allows once folded the container to receive several envelopes.

No achievement 3d was necessary because it is about a folding elementary, 2 first prototype was conceived starting from a traffic panel and a flank of washing machine by realizing the holes with the drill. The goal was to validate the feasibility of folding, especially the 2nd step, which consists of executing 2 folds simultaneously and so proved that the steel can blend like an origami without the help of a machine. A 2D plane was drawn from the pattern's dimensions considering the thickness of the future material, and a dwg or dxf file was sent to a laser cutting company.

The first reaction is, how did you made this object, with which material and process? Is it possible to blend it yourself?
I learned that steel has very interesting technical properties and that was possible by using it wisely to realize entire project with only this material.

Nicolas Graindorge

Recently based in Montreal, I purchase my purpose to live on love, fresh water and good design. I feed on all that surrounds me going from the nature to the culture, the graphics to the origami passing through the artisanal but also the digital manufacturing processes. Convinced by the playful identity of my researches, I develops a range of objects focused on movement and life.

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