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Knit Link Clothing

Knit Link Clothing

Riddhi Verma
September 26, 2017
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Knit link clothing is a fashion store.As we know fashion is ever-changing, making branding especially important in the clothing and accessory worlds. A good, recognizable logo allows customers to identify the products, I tried to design a minimalist logo that can be perceived value among customers.

A new fashion line needs to set itself apart. A contemporary logo can help with that. Simple, flat designs are trendy right now So i focused on standard imagery in the contemporary style, focusing on minimalism rather than elaborate line work.

The first part of the process was designing the logo. I sketched a lot of ideas and developed the most successful ideas further, until I found the one that was working well. After that, I moved to the computer (Adobe Illustrator) and created quite a few variations on each of the best logos, choosing one at the end, and made
sure that all the parts of it were proportional and worked well. I kept working on it.

The look of the brand definitely plays an important role, but it is nothing when there is no idea behind it. I also got to improve my knowledge of design principles.It was definitely a practice of using consistency along with just enough variation.Through independently working on this project, I’ve learned to come up with good concepts and to translate that into a concrete visual form more effectively.

Riddhi Verma

Hi, I am Riddhi from Ahmedabad,India. I am working as freelance graphics designer.Designing is my passion. It's something I do before going to bed, and something I can't wait to do in the mornings.

What I think about life is that we all have only one life to live and I just got to know what makes me happy and how can we help people to make them happy, if we are happier one. I love to design for people.

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