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Koi - Electric Steamer and Kettle

Koi - Electric Steamer and Kettle

Madelyn Bauer
October 29, 2018
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This device integrates two morning rituals, preparing a hot beverage and smoothing wrinkles out of clothes, into one seamless flow of actions. By streamlining this process the user is able to take more time to prepare themselves for their day to enjoy a cup of tea and a clean pressed shirt. The combination of these actions into a singular device, along with eco-friendly materials make this a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

The concept of the Koi Steamer/Kettle was inspired by the unpleasant chore of de-wrinkling clothes. I wanted to find a way to enhance the experience and found that another common morning practice was to make a hot beverage like tea or coffee. By adding this pleasant experience to a somewhat unpleasant one the user is more inclined to do these activities.
In order to connect these experiences I designed the form to look like it could live in multiple places throughout the home. It does not have an association with a typical kettle or typical steamer; it is an object that is uniquely itself.
The soft muted green also plays into the idea of tranquility, but is still inviting and uplifting for a bight start to the day. The name, Koi, comes from the tranquility of a koi pond similar to the feeling of waking up or making tea. This is the feeling I hope this product will help facilitate for the user.

Designing this product started with research about the user and what products exist on the market. Then the product was conceptualized through multiple iterations of sketches and models that lead to the final. The final renderings were done in sketchbook and photoshop. 3D modeling was done in Solidworks.

After completing this project I learned how the holistic user experience can influence design of a product. I also learned how to take some risks in my design to achieve what I sought out to do. This design is also meant to be a conversation starter by being unique approach to a common problem.

Maddie Bauer

Hi, I'm Maddie Bauer. I am an Industrial Design student at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I have a passion for design in all aspects and am pursuing an emphasis in Graphic Design.
Insta: @maddie_designs

One comment on “Koi - Electric Steamer and Kettle”

  1. I thought this was a joke at first, but it’s actually a clever idea. I see a lot of people with wrinkled shirts and there’s no excuse for it now. Steaming is a terrific way to get your shirts looking crisp. Everyone is pressed for time (no pun intended) so this is another way to crunch some more things into a business morning.

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