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Konektita - Stay Connected Wherever You Are by Oncel Cebeci

Konektita - Stay Connected Wherever You Are by Oncel Cebeci

Ron Gerzon
May 22, 2016
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Project konektita is a new start up which provides connection to travelers all around the world. So brief was very simple. Build a website to help travelers to get their sim cards on their arrival to new countries.

It had to be super clean, simple and user friendly website.

Idea is coming from general user behaviours on travelling, vacation, accommodation website or mobile apps. Users want quickly access to any information they want and they really hate last minute surprises especially about prices and checkout page.

Brand name, konektita means 'connected' in Esperanto language.

Color palette has 2 main colors. Sky blue and orange pie. Both of them are bright, trustworthy colors.

We don't have many buttons. We hate buttons and we hate to bother users to deal with many stuff and click many buttons to buy simple service.

We didn't use casual stock photos. Instead of that we preferred to use stylish, artistic photos. Because of we don't believe that stock photos represents real life of humans.

- Oncel Cebeci

Design process finished in 25 days. In the end we had 15 unique and 38 total pages.

I used Sketch to design wireframes and UI and Invision/Pixate to prototype.

I don't believe that I created something super unique. Actually there are many websites which is similar with konektita. So really there is no big story behind that.

- Oncel Cebeci

People like it. Really. Also people like the idea. Because people needs to travel and travellers needs to connect as fast as they can. So it feels good to create something like that to help people.

Right now we are waiting for MVP and maybe in future we may create new startups to help travellers more.

- Oncel Cebeci

About Oncel Cebeci

Hey folks,

My name is Oncel. Basically I'm from Istanbul, Turkey but right now living in Bangkok, Thailand (aka. land of smiles). I have 4 years of advertising and 5 years of UI/UX design career so far. Basically nowadays I design to create new startups which gives me a lot of creativity.

I always believe that understanding users is so much important than designing amazing stuff. Because of if your website / mobile app is not useful no one cares about how amazing it looks like.

So, if you have a startup and if you are looking for someone to design, advice and help to build your product hit me up.

Cheers and peace

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