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Koya Properties Visual Identity by Kishi Creative

Koya Properties Visual Identity by Kishi Creative

Quadri Osho
May 11, 2021
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Koya Properties specializes in sourcing & managing low capital property investment opportunities in England & Wales. They actively search for low capital/low-risk properties that give a good return on investment for their clients. Asides from creating a new visual identity system for the company, our cooperation included an extensive brand & content strategy plan for the client

We were tasked to create a unique & consistent visual style, design a new website that can be managed & maintained on a platform without much technical knowledge, and draft content & communications strategy for the brand.

For the logo, we created an abstract K, which is a combination of a classic depiction of a house roof and the letter K. The other characters "O" and "Y" (alphabets) in this logo was created using geometric typographic principles that focus on combining circles with diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines. The last character "A" is a classic san-serif font design.

We used a pairing of two open-source typefaces from google fonts (Ubuntu & Oxygen) and a broad selection of font weights to allow communications in a wide range of tones. We created abstract representations of elements relating to your industry. The key visual is inspired by Bauhaus pattern design. The visual element was designed to be used across a wide range of print and digital applications and platforms. The design can be used with different dimensions. The idea is to create something that will represent the brand while giving room for creative expression in brand communications.

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