KT&C IRIS Digital Doorlock

Digital door lock applying iris recognition technology. This door lock for the client KT & C is designed based on aluminum body and completed to a sophisticated style with c-cut edge.
The user-centered design has focused on the two emotions user wanted, the convenience from user-friendly and the credibility given by solidity. The two parts separated by function perform their original functions and at the same time the iris recognition part present trust feeling, the handle part minimizes incompatibility with the main body and makes a sense of unity and integrates shapes.

Through existing door lock research, I studied styles and materials that generally match the substantial and solid image that door locks should have. A streamlined flowing line, which is a feature of my design, and the use of solid material are combined and form a sophisticated reliability. On top of that the demand for usability sensation obtained from consumer interviews is expressed in a convenient to use. In addition, as a result of research for CMF, metallic brown color was added and forms elegant lineup.

Generally, I use UGNX, PHOTOSHOP, and KEYSHOT to do for visualization work. However, the part that I consume the most amount of time and effort in the entire process of work is the hand-drawing process. Before the skills of handling software and tools, if I couldn’t express my intention on hand-drawing accurately, never get satisfactory outcome.

So, in my work process, hand-drawing takes more than half portion

Over the past eight years, I worked with many clients and collaborated with many designers. Each time, they received a deep impression on the overall balance of my design, and this project got the same comment. They said it is not a special but “a good-looking design”. My idea for design is the same. I believe that design is harmonized naturally in daily life and to balance with surrounding, not special things.

In this respect, this chance was more meaningful. This project with my design style that flows smoothly was the process of balancing so as not to invade the reliability of a solidity mood as security device, it let me study the delicate balance feeling more and to form firmly that delicate sense

First of all, thank you for your interest. I think, In the future, designers will take more projects as this one the KT & C project.

People in the future-living-environment will demand higher levels of security in more diverse fields. By the user’s point of view, it has to have simple manual, but various security devices with more powerful security techniques combined has to be designed. In security devices used in combined with various things, balancing with the surrounding environment will become a more important point.

abel Seo

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