Kuberg – Free Rider Website by Michael Čečetka

Kuberg, manufacturer of electric motorcycles, released their brand new model called FREE RIDER and Michael Čečetka was asked to design a microsite showing this awesome and fun bike. It’s a simple one-page website with few sections. He used bold and heavy typography in combination with geometrical elements and noisy textures.

Kuberg is a manufacturer of electric motorcycles and Free Rider is their brand new model for which I was designing website and later also a case study that you can find on my Behance. Well what inspired me is basically the product itself – just look at it, it’s awesome! Pure black with just a few details in color, beautiful shapes and lines of the bike. This is the product that you want to design for.

– Michael Čečetka



When I started to work on this project I had only fresh new rebranded logo, a few not-yet-retouched studio shots of Free Rider and a short brief. From the beginning I wanted to show this bike in a cool and entertaining way. I was thinking about using some noise textures and working with geometrical/tech-looking elements in some way because of the Free Rider look and design.
I’m not so much into sketching and creating high-fidelity wireframes. Instead of this I usually sketch just some main frames and the kind of information that should be contained there and that’s it. Going almost directly into Photoshop in early phase works best for me, I don’t feel that I have to strictly follow the wireframes and I have freedom to experiment and explore different paths.

When I’m designing in Photoshop – I usually start to work on some small details or specific parts until I have something satisfying that I’m really happy with. And then I’m just adding more parts and more UI elements to it.

In this case I started to work on the main screen. I was playing there mainly with the typography, navigation bar and overall layout. Next was the style of the main photo (there are few layers of noise, dark overlays and some textures) and the final step was exploring and playing with these geometrical patterns, used, in the end, across the whole website. When I finished this screen I had a really clear idea how the rest of the site should look.

– Michael Čečetka



I’m an old-fashioned Photoshop guy and I very often create custom non-flat elements, using brushes, textures etc. and for this kind of work Photoshop is the perfect solution. The entire website was made with it, except the illustrations showing features of the Free Rider. These were made by illustrator in Adobe Illustrator. We also used Invision and its comments for feedback.

– Michael Čečetka


Before every project I put together something that I call moodboard, but it’s rather some kind of artboard with everything that inspires me for that particular project. Photos, UI elements, websites, apps… very often it’s just some small detail like the style of the buttons, layout etc. Typical places for the inspiration that works for me are Dribbble, Behance and definitely Pinterest, nothing new, right? But as I said before, the main idea came from the product itself in combination with well executed rebranded logo and quality studio shots.

– Michael Čečetka


To be honest every new project is a challenge for me in some way. I’m always trying to bring the best possible solution and push my skills. However, I don’t remember the exact number, but the whole project went really smooth from the beginning to the end. I had 100% trust from the Neighbors and the cooperation worked perfectly. There were just minor changes in design in the meaning of “Let’s add there some button instead of a link..”. Yeah, that’s not so common.

– Michael Čečetka


About Michael Čečetka

Michael Čečetka is a self-taught Designer/Art Director focused mainly on the web and mobile apps. He spent 5 years in design agencies here in Prague, going from junior positions to senior ones and for the last year, he’s working as a freelance designer for different clients and brands from all around the world. He’s not a huge fan of the projects that looks exactly the same as thousands others so he is always trying to bring some fresh ideas and do things a little bit differently. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or Dribble.