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Kung Fu Cowboy Wall Art

Kung Fu Cowboy Wall Art

William Rech
September 17, 2017
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Kung Fu Cowboy is a combination restaurant that serves burgers, fries and shakes on the one side and sushi, noodles and dim sum on the other. As a member of the team at Circle Design, I was responsible for naming, branding and designing all the collateral of the restaurant, including the interiors. These wall hangings are a product of that process.

The name of the brand is a reference to classic Kung Fu and Spaghetti Western films of old. Rather than fuse the two ends of the restaurant, instead I chose to focus on a central scene in many of these films: the duel. Each of the posters is either a reference to one of these classic films or a head to head between two characters that represent each side.

After some initial concept sketches the work was produced using the various tools in the Adobe Creative Suite, namely Illustrator and Photoshop. The clean, geometric style is in no small part inspired by the works of Genndy Tartakovsky and his classic cartoon Samurai Jack.

The project was well received by both the client and the public. It presented a rare opportunity to be responsible for a brand from its naming to its execution and was a pleasure to work on. Being able to indulge my inner child to such a large degree is the reason this project remains one of my favorites in my portfolio.

William Rech

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