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Kyoto by Nuria Madrid

Kyoto by Nuria Madrid

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June 30, 2015

Nuria Madrid, a freelance designer from Barcelona, Spain visited Kyoto a few years back and fell in love with the city. Her project Kyoto represents her fascination about the city and the Japanese culture.

My project Kyoto is part of a workshop about Cinema4D I made because I liked a lot the teacher's work (Tavo) so I thought it could be a fun. The topic is Kyoto because I visited the city years ago and I loved it. I wanted to make some colourful city with some generic elements of Japanese culture like makis, toriis, bullet train and things like that. Overall I wanted to achieve a wow effect. I spent most of the time with the composition because the objects and materials are pretty simple.
-Núria Madrid




I wanted to do some in a isometric perspective and full of details and objects. I found a lot of reference images in that point of view so I started to sketch the elements and the main geometric structure. For the colors, I made a color scheme that I liked it and decided to use only 3 or 4 simple materials.
-Núria Madrid


Don't think you are not good enough to show your work. It's great to receive feedback from the creative community, it really helps to improve and challenge yourself.
-Núria Madrid

About Núria Madrid

Núria Madrid is a freelance designer from Barcelona. She works most of the time for advertising agencies as an art director/designer and now she's trying to focus her work more on 3D illustrations. Núria started learning 3D about a year ago and used it for personal projects. The works of Peter Tarka, Tavo, Plenty or Serial Cut has inspired her to try 3D. See more of her work at Behance or her website.

6 comments on “Kyoto by Nuria Madrid”

  1. Looks really nice! and colourfull, almost like candy...
    Hmmm candy city.
    You got an A++ for your project, didn't you? :D

  2. Excellent stuff! I really like your idea. Kyoto's a very cute city and I think this style matches it well. You even have the Kyoto Tower there :)

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