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Carlos Ghanem
September 19, 2016

"Sometimes being lost is the best way to find yourself"​​​​​​​ - These images are about that moment when you are lost and in the midst of this immensity of feelings and things you really find who you are. Life puts us a lot of times on autopilot and without realizing it we lose our identity, who we really are. It seems ironic, but sometimes getting lost is the best way to really find what we are.

The idea is simple: "venture onward." The world is there, wide open to be discovered, there is beauty everywhere, we just need to learn to stop and learn to observe it. So I try every weekend or even a day, leaving aimlessly and discover new places I'm an enthusiast adventure. The color palette was defined by nature, it's funny how we search for ideas, new colors and is simply all there right in front of our eyes. Watch the sunset, how many different colors the sky gives us, and then you see how these colors are mixed in the blue sea, or even on top of a mountain.

I really love natural light and use what I've in hands. For this project I use a basic setup that I call (war setup). I used my Canon 7D with 18-155mm + Battery Grip. For pos-production in Lightroom, just some lights and shadows. I always photograph in manual mode because I can get closer to the end result that I want for my images. I like the noise in the pictures so I haven't any problem working with high ISOS, etc.

To be honest the "answers" are starting now. This project has a lot about the discovery of my photography and is based have learned in recent years. I do photography for me first, have to have meaning, something I'm feeling or living. I saw many artists and friends are lost in this journey because they were worried about making a picture focused on the interests of others, it can make you crazy, after all we are all different. Some like more contrast, other saturation, there are people who like black and white, there are people who hate noise in images. And amid all this the question should be, what I want to convey through my photography? I call myself as storyteller but I didn't use words, I use images. To be honest, I'm not sure about if I choose photography or photography chooses me, but what I feel? I feel lucky everyday.

Do what you love. You did not have to be afraid of making mistakes it is a natural part of the process. Do not have afraid to be inspired by other artists, but do not copy use it to create your own voice. We all have something to say. It is not death most people are afraid of.
It is getting to the end of life, only to realize that you never truly lived. I heard once - "There is a lot of kinda people, you kinda want a career change, you kinda want to get straight A’s, you kinda want to get in shape. Simple math, no numbers to crunch. If you kinda want something, then you will kinda get the results you want." So, it's what I'm trying to do be someone not a kinda of people. Thank you for this opportunity, and if you read it all, thanks for your time. I hope somehow have inspired you.

Carlos Ghanem

"I wasn't always making stuff. I didn't know I would be a creative." I use photography to immerse myself in this world, translate what I see and feel in my soul.

2 comments on “L O S T”

  1. Thank you for writing this. And for sharing your beautiful photos.

    I love the deepness of your words. I just recently came out of a long period of feeling lost - and your article lets me reflect back on that time, and feel gratitude towards the growth that came out of it.

    Thank you!

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