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La Boutique

La Boutique

Hiba Sultan
February 5, 2018
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As a concept of fashion branding, La Boutique delivers high quality selected products and targets people looking for simple, modern, and elegant looks.
The font used along with the swan icon, both reflects this simplicity, modernism, and elegance.
I started with a swan shape and simplified it to get a minimalist design.

Starting with the name, "La Boutique" is meant to be very simple referring to the clothing store.
The icon accompanying the name is a simplified shape of a swan, reflecting modernism and simplicity.
As for the colors, I got inspired from the water color palette surrounding the swan.

I first started with paper and pen, most preferred tool for sketching, then moved my design idea to illustrator, where I created the icon (through several steps).
The photos with the design application were done in photoshop. And I put the presentation together in InDesign.

I got very positive feedback about logo, design, and application.
This project showed me one more time how important to take care of the smallest details to achieve a perfect look and feel, and that following a design process from sketching using pen and paper, to choosing color palette, to fonts, to design application and presentation is very important.

Hiba Sultan

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