La Fondation Jean-Eudes

The goal was to create a strong and distinct brand identity where the community can easily grasp the Foundation’s mission, adhere to it’s values and develop lasting relationship. The use of the speech box as a central element of the communicational platform illustrates the dialogue between the Foundation and it’s community, i.e. the students.

The challenge was to develop a style, a language that would be appealing to both students and Donators and to do that within a limited budget. The speech box is a strong symbol and enables the Foundation, with either words or even images, messages to be «heard» in a way. To speak directly. The use of collages came naturally to us as a way for the Foundation to express it’s messages in a simple, fun and timeless way. The ultimate goal is that the kids take ownership of the identity and it’s imagery and expand it themselves and run with it.

Simplicity was key for this project. An image, roughly cut out with a contour remains at the base of the «collage» imagery. Be it by hand or with photoshop, the result should be impactful. And the students can contribute visually by taking the pictures themselves or using an image bank.

The project is still ongoing and is taking on a life of it’s own and the brand is starting to have certain recognition. Applied to all internal and external communications and events, the logo, visual signature and various declinations form a coherent and harmonious identity for La Fondation du Collège Jean-Eudes that ties it with its community and donators. People appreciate that, although it’s mission is to collect funds for it’s foundation, it speaks in a fun, original and positive way. It speaks to kids and adults alike. The art of having fun knows no boundries!

The project has received a silver prize both in the “Complete rebrand/redesign” and “Logo redesign” categories at the Summit Creative Awards 2016 international contest. The project was designed at Bob Agency.

Julie Descheneaux