La Lonja Mucha Sal by Sara Enríquez

La Lonja, a small market where you can buy without intermediaries, where fishermen can sell your product the day with maximum quality and reliability. The fishermen try to live with their sea work and sometimes is difficult for them because the prices of fish.

Sara always lived by the sea and she always seen the fishermen selling their product at the Lonja. The Lonja is a big fish market but there’s intermediaries that decrease the price. She wanted to talk about this problem by a design critique. The whole project explain this idea trough a colorful branding.

– Sara Enríquez

I made this project from the beginning to end, I started to work on different patterns and then try the color palette. The presentation was very simple with the design concept. I used photoshop, illustrator for the pattern, indesign for the grid and the editorial work.

– Sara Enríquez

People respond very well on Behance and on social media. I learn very much about branding presentation because you have to be very clean and simpleness. You have to show only one idea, one concept and a strong visual work.

– Sara Enríquez

About Sara Enríquez

I’m a visual designer based on Madrid, but I’m from Galicia, north of Spain. My career on design started four years ago and I worked on different work areas: design studios, advertising but nowadays I’m working on strategic design in a consultancy, Designit.

Designit grows businesses by designing new experiences for humans, enabled by technology, I’m developing my digital skills and learning service design and research. For now consultancy world is longer more interesting than other work areas but is important not to stop and keep learning.