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La Lucy

La Lucy

Marianna Bonazzi Mendoza
February 21, 2018
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La Lucy was one of the first projects I participated in my 'Back to Buenos Aires', after has been for six months between Miami and New York. It allowed me to get in touch with a female force I'd just met after a long solo travel, and gave me the awareness that we women can be both delicate and dangerous, in a good way. A mix between organic and synthetic materials in the dress and scenery, lots of bright colours and cinematic references inspired us to make this freestyle photographic artwork. It was part of an exposition in the Argentinian Fashion School EAModa

My friend Sara Plazas Esquivel brought to me the idea of making a collaboration for one of the subjects in EAModa, so I said Yes! She was on charge of the make up & hair and together we chose the stylism and decoration. It resulted on a really satisfiyng work, beautiful, full of color and textures. The result, for me, was the female representation of holliness and sin. It remains me Alex DeLarge and the virgin Mary at the same time.

For the shooting, I used a Canon 80D with a 50mm 1.8 Canon lens, wich is my favorite when I'm triyng to create the ilusion of deep space behind the object and play with the focused and unfocused areas. Also, a little yellow led light to give the sensation of warmness.
For the post production, I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, to retouch and estabilize the colors.

I think you learn something new with every project you get into. Specially with this one, I learned that a good chemistry with the model and a deep communication with your team is vital to make an idea come to life in the best way it can. Also, I learned that it can be difficult to concentrate with a lot of people passing behind you and talking while shooting, but that and the little space of time we had for the shots can give me an extra tickling sensation haha.

If you have an idea, just make it. You'll never know what happens if you do it, but certainly nothing will happen if you don´t.

Marianna Bonazzi Mendoza

Filmmaker & Photographer from Venezuela. Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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