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la mar cebicheria

la mar cebicheria

Lucas Pasqualini
March 18, 2020
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This project's ownership is minima arquitetura's. I, Arch. Lucas Pasqualini, took part on this project while working for them.
The worldwide restaurant chain la mar, founded by the renowned peruvian Chef Gastón Acúrio. The São Paulo branch was located at Tabapuã St, nd it was our duty to make the project for the restaurant's new home at Amauri St.

la mar has a very well thought visual identity, developed by the peruvian architects who created the identity of the brand and the first branch, to be applied in all the new restaurants by their respective architects. The main intention is to transpass a tropical beach environment. Also worrying about the peruvian roots of the restaurant.
We tried at all times to make a very diverse and rich environment. The sections are:
At the sidewalk we created some seats for smokers and people who like some fresh air and contact with the city. The following environment is kind of the key one, because we wanted the restaurant somehow to mix with the street. Aiming to provide more life and dynamic for the Amauri St. which is already a very well known gastronomic point in São PAulo. In a way, revolutioning the way the street is used.
The bar is strategically located to create as much segmentation as possible on the interior. Also to help us give a creative response for the great and tall wall on the side of the building.
The seats area was divided into two different decorations and configurations, to attend to the desire the client brought to us, to give the opportunity of different experiences to the costumers.
The cebiche counter on the back is open to the kitchen so the dynamic between the restaurant and the kitchen could be intimely integrated.
The mezzanine was designed to resemble a balcony, and a very intimate environment, that could give the costumers the most interesting views of the floor below.
The bamboos used on the ceilings were before located at the wals of the former building and we decided to use them as a beach tent on the ceilings, so they had a lighter impact on the environment.
The jewel on the restaurant is the covering of the bar's balcony. We wanted to use mermaid scales.
As we had trouble finding the appropriate covering that matched all the specifications, we had to do a handcraft sculpting process on rectangle pieces of tile for every single piece. Credits to the tile specialist Ivanildo Coelho

We iniciated the concept design using Sketchup, by modeling the new building and testing the number of seats desired by the client and some architectural interventions to fit the programme.
We then defined the detailings and materials on Sketchup itself and made the management of the information on Excell.
After having all the information well defined, I went to the construction site with the building team to manage the construction and guide the team how to reach the result just like specified on Sketchup.
We made some Renders for advertising on the gourmet magazines and newspapers using Vray.

We became very happy to find out that on the opening day the restaurant was already very full in spite of the rushed moving process and the new adress.
People used the space in numerous ways we haven't thought of and this spontaneous creativity of the costumers was a very valuable lesson on how to plan spaces. Spaces are living entities and can be used in ways the designer can not fathom.
Many families at dinner, many executives at lunch and also celebrities and prestigious people often frequent la mar.
They have a strict partnership with some of the most famous Youtubers of the country and they often make meetings and campaigns for their channels.
We were successfull on providing diverse spaces and experiences depending on where the costumer seats, including the square-like environment we designed at the front. People in fact saw it as a squere and use it so.

Ownership: | @minima_arq
Responsible architect: Lucas Pasqualini | | @gamapasqualini
Execution: Cassiano Marques | @cassiano.reformas
Painting: Jesuino Pereira | wpp +55 11996453455
Woodcraft: Estúdio Glória | | @estudiogloria
Tiles: Ivanildo coelho | [email protected]
Photographer: Caio Ciuccio | @caiociuccio

Lucas Pasqualini

Architect Lucas Pasqualini, from São Paulo Brazil.
Graduated from FAUUAM (Anhembi Morumbi University - Architecture and urban Design Faculty)
Autonomous architect with experience on commercial and residential projects, from the conception to the interiors, including the supplementary projects.

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