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Lakeshore Millennials

Lakeshore Millennials

Oscar Rivas
March 15, 2017
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Lakeshore Millennials is a series about youth and being spontaneous. My own personal way to demonstrate that snapshots aren't necessarily amateur and can be an artistic approach to portray reality, more specifically my generation reality. A getaway with childhood friends to the biggest lake in México, El Lago de Chapala.

To be honest it didn't require a lot of planning, just a car and a free day with friends. I'm always looking for a way of giving my photos that cinematic feeling playing around with color correction and the tone curves when I'm developing the images.

I have a really basic camera, a Canon Rebel EOS T5, besides that I only used Adobe Lightroom for developing the photos. We drove from Guadalajara to Ajijic, where is located that mini lighthouse that you can see in the photos, next we drove to Jocotepec and arrived to a seafood restaurant called "Mariscos El Carnal" after eating they gave us a free boat trip just in time for the sunset.

I had a really great reception from my friends, family and followers. I think with every project I learned something new, specifically with this one I learned that you actually don't need a lot of planification to take great photos.

The Chapala Lake it's the biggest one of México, is one of the most important tourist places of Jalisco and is also the home of one of the largest communities of foreigner people (americans mostly) in the country. It's about forty minutes away from my hometown Guadalajara.

Oscar Rivas

Mexican photographer born and raised in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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