L’AMOUR by Tania Kezha

L’AMOUR was shot for a brief set by 10 magazine for the course Photography Mastered with Nick Knight. This set was inspired from the movie “Cloud Atlas”. Read on and see these amazing photos of glamour and fashion!

This projects was shot for a brief set by 10 magazine for the course Photography Mastered with Nick Knight. There was no specific task, except that the shoot should correspond the style of the 10 magazine.

– Tania Kezha


My main inspiration for this project was a scene from “Cloud Atlas” (screenshot below in the moodboard).

– Tania Kezha


I appreciate the multiple layers in the setting. I have also noticed that while I was travelling through Asia – this shaggy feeling and look in interiors and surroundings. So I wanted to transfer this feeling to the styling in my images.

– Tania Kezha


Instead of using quite expected Asian clothes I decided to combine it with Gucci’s SS16 collection or something with the same aesthetic. Emotion wise I wanted to create very calm images with relaxed poses.

– Tania Kezha


In “Cloud Atlas” the directors explore the possibility of multiple lives of one person before birth and after death. Some of the characters switch gender from one life to another.

– Tania Kezha


This has influenced my choice of a model for the photoshoot – Yan is very androgynous. So with the help of feminine clothes and masculine poses we’ve created a great combination.

– Tania Kezha


Team credits:
Model – Yan Prokopovich (TANN models)
Style – Kati German
Mua – Natalia Burya
Hair – Tatiana Krupskaya
Location – Korpus 8
Photo – Tania Kezha


Tania Kezha, a professional fashion photographer, with 8 years of experience in this business. Her main interest lies within shooting editorials and campaigns for fashion brands and fashion magazines. She’s a self-taught photographer. Right now I’m beginning to explore a new media – moving image, creating short fashion videos.

See more of her artwork on Behance and her Website.