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Lampedusa | Gli occhi del turista

Lampedusa | Gli occhi del turista

Lorenzo Ballarini
May 18, 2018
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When people speak about Lampedusa, the first thought is the issue of immigration and constant arriving on the Italian coast. But what do the tourists see on the island? How do they live this situation?
Mainly only colored plastic boxes with four wheels...

When I chose Lampedusa as a destination to spend my holidays, one of my main thoughts went to the issue of immigration. I expected to see landings, situations at the limit, but none of this. Instead I saw only these nice Citroën Méhari. Hence the idea of telling Lampedusa from this point of view.

I photographed all the Citroën Méhari that I saw on the island with my cell phone, I did not care to have a high photographic quality, it had to be like a reportage. Then I designed and printed this book completely by myself.

Not everyone understood the project, while others were very impressed. I did not want it to be beautiful, the purpose of this book is to tell a story. I want to give a different point of view of the island.

Lorenzo Ballarini

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