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Landmarks of Istanbul by Zeynep Kınlı

Landmarks of Istanbul by Zeynep Kınlı

Stephen Malapote
May 8, 2015
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Landmarks are representations of a city. Because of them, tourists flock to different destinations in admiration. They also reflect in some ways the culture intertwined within the city. Today we feature a series of illustrations of the wonderful city of Istanbul by Zeynep Kınlı, and illustrator and graphics artist from the same city. Read on and enjoy!

Being born and raised in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world in so many ways, I felt like working on a detailed illustration project that would unearth the numerous gems scattered around Istanbul, which embody centuries of history and culture. I made a list of the landmarks that we –as Turkish people- are so used to pass by in our daily lives that sometimes we forget to appreciate their unique beauty. I hope to expand this project by adding more landmarks and turning it into a Istanbul guide.

- Zeynep Kınlı












About Zeynep Kınlı

Zeynep Kınlı is an illustrator / art director skilled in vector-drawn illustration, icon design and branding. Her interests include art&design of all kinds, travel, cooking, fashion and photography. She was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey; her wanderlust led her to explore many countries and made plans for future trips. Zeynep enjoys working on doodles, patterns and experimenting with different color palettes, meeting new people, attending design workshops, taking long walks by the beautiful Bosphorus, collecting analog cameras, arranging spontaneous weekend get-aways. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile, Dribbble or Tumblr.

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