This is a Pattern Design project – Lazy Sunday. I created this project based on my own lifestyle. Like I consider myself as a quite lazy person, and I want to do on Sundays is rest.
Cats fall asleep while eating Mac & Cheese, Cats rest on beach towels, Cats wearing bikinis.
Sometimes we wish we were a cat too! Just rest on Sundays, like the cats.

I started with brainstorming with who I am and what I like, and I end up getting LAZY SUNDAY out of my lifestyle. Everyone wants to have more time, stay in their bed and do nothing. I feel like this is a word that can connect to everybody.
I want my pattern to have lots of cats. It’s because cats sleep a lot. In my mind, they represent laziness. I want each cat to have their own characters and some elements of lazy or Sunday. For example, people like their holiday to have good weather, or people like to go to the beach during Sunday.

I experimented with hybrid media processes. I basically used a pencil to sketch out all of my ideas, got critique from my peers. Then I bring it into Adobe Illustrator to trace it, color it and alter it.
I created the total of 6 cats. All of them are sleeping but in different positions. 5 of them are in cream color, and 1 of them is white! The white one is eating a bowl of Mac and Cheese while he falls asleep.
I created the letterform and the pattern separately, then bring them back together. I satisfied with how everything turns out together or separately.

All of my classmates think my pattern is very cute, they would love to see it on a tote bag. And for myself, I learned a lot from this project. I learned how to make a pattern in Adobe Illustrator, how to finish a project with good process and thinking.

Ka Sui Hsu



Count to three, and three seconds passed. This is Miya, a graphic design student.