The reading chair LEAN plays on the point that people like to lean on one side of the chair irregardless of what they are doing. It has a form that allows the reader to lean on one side of the chair to relax or sit upright to read a book. It also has a compartment to store books or magazines for daily reading usage.

I realized when observing people reading on chairs that people tend to lean when reading thus i came up with a concept for a reading chair that allowed the user to lean when reading whilst no causing any discomfort. The space for leaning is also not wasted as it s used to store books.

I sketched out the concept in paper first. Then i did a rough 3D CAD in rhino 3d. After i had the rough 3D CAD in rhino 3d, i returned to paper to refine the details e.g. chair leg profile, front profile. After that i 3D CAD the final one to render in Keyshot.

People that seen my project thought that the front profile is very intriguing. They also thought that the leaning function of the chair is very interesting and very useful. It has garnered quite a few positive reactions from people as the profiles of the reading chair is very interesting and unlike normal chairs which used rods for chair legs.

Kuan Ee Lau

Origin Design is a group of 5 multidisciplinary designers with different interest and style but having a firm belief that everything has an origin and starting point at some point of our lives. Design itself is the same way for us, over time, we would observe trends, materials and products. Therefore we had come together as a team to be able to deliver a superb innovative design.

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