Ledger Gurus by Vitalii Hnatyk

In recent times, a lot of offers startups, enterprises, etc., and many can not cope with the accounting, and they have quite a few problems because of this. Ledger gurus helps these “young” and already seasoned businesses, start-ups and those who need professional assistance in accounting.

The main idea was to create clean website design where business, startups and anyone else who have problem with accounting, can find guru accounting
who can help. Vitalii Hnatyk used Google fonts Arial title text and Calibri plain text. And he chosen colors #4EBDEC and #1D1D1D.

– Vitalii Hnatyk

I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and of course sketchbook. I think work with paper and pencil it’s very impotant stage, because when you work with sketchbook by hands, not on computer your brain works diferently. Sketchbook can have illustrations, recordings, photographs any other material what inspire you, and later you can come back to this sketchbook and recall your works.

– Vitalii Hnatyk

To be honest, I was a bit surprised that a huge number of people have looked at my work and appreciate positive feedback. Since this is my first project on Behance I am very glad that my project people like. This is inspiring me.

– Vitalii Hnatyk

About Vitalii Hnatyk

Hi, my name is Vitalii and I’m Freelance web/graphic designer from Ukraine.
Always available for new projects.