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Leisure Modern Bathroom

Leisure Modern Bathroom

Louay Fayoumi
April 19, 2020
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A bathroom with black essence touches giving it the style of modernity, simplicity, and calmness - using beautiful proportions and elegant materials that allow humans to feel relaxation and containment. I used gleaming black marble countertops, special circle proportion mirror, walk-in shower room with over-sized shower head, fluffy towels neatly arranged, black marble floor with white veins, special backdrop wall behind the toilet.

First of all, I searched for some artworks, inspirational bathroom designs, and elegant materials that I can use. Because of this, I gained a high-level taste of matching ideas, colors, and references. I also did a lot of similar works, projects, and contributions with different kinds of materials and styles.

I made the project by gathering references and data from what the client needs and what I have to do, matching ideas with the main determinants producing elegant touches and functional components. I did the project using software: AutoCAD, AutoDesk 3dMax, Corona Render.

A lot of people liked the project and the special touches that I have made, also the client was very satisfied. For me, I think I have enhanced my experience with this masterpiece artwork and gained a lot of benefits.

As an architect, I think one talent or skill that we must possess is the ability to be flexible and be in tune with what the client envisions.

Louay Fayoumi

I Have grown as an passive thinker ,determined to learn and seek insights from what journey has to deliver,I have successfully completed many tasks and participated in many successful jobs and projects ,I Perform my duties and responsibilities professionally with full attention and passion at all times ,My Passion is to learn new things and enhance my skills.

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