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Les Planeteurs

Les Planeteurs

Clement Simon
June 13, 2016
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Jerome Balandraud, the founder, wants to position its offer on different tourism products of the competition. Based in Paris , the travel agency affirm its Parisian location as a posture. We propose him to make monumental its identity and even ... their identities. Hot gilding on Fedrigoni paper with tinted slice, a certain idea of the "french touch."

During my internship, I work on this project with Acétone Studio, Nantes, France. The idea of this project was to create something fun and minimal but top of the line. Paris and its monuments, an eternal image for any traveler. We want to affirm its parisian location as a posture. We choose a minimal style. The logo represent the famous landmark in Paris.

I used the software Adobe Illustrator to draw the different landmarks icons. I watched lots of picture, of monuments, and after that, I used Illustrator to begin to draw the icons. I design and removed some elements which ends to having a good illustration.

They like it. They like the definition of the business card. During defense graduation, I was able to discuss the project with some professional, and they appreciated it, whether the finishing with hot foil and Fedrigoni papers, but also landmarks icons.

Clement Simon

Hi, I'm Clement SIMON, a 23 year old art director junior, graphic designer and illustrator based in Nantes, France.

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