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Lesvos guidebook

Lesvos guidebook

Eleni Moustaka
April 13, 2020
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This editorial is about a guidebook on the culture, architecture, legends and people of the greek island of Lesvos. Divided in two chapters (the town of Mytilene and the villages of Lesvos), the guide provides valuable insights into the island’s history and culture, revealing its unique identity and personality.

This guidebook is a part of my thesis project, about the visual identity of Lesvos island. I wanted to create a project about the island's beauty, and having spent there a big part of my life, I had a lot of material that inspired me to create something different and fresh for this place. The main colours I used was the blue and green, which were semantically associated with the natural landscape that characterise the island (sea, forests).

I used a combination of both handwritten and digital elements. For the illustrations, I created by hand the basic composition and then I used Illustrator and Photoshop for digitalising them and adding extra details. For the creation of the book, I used InDesign.

So far, the project has received positive feedback from the design community and I am really happy about it. Also the people living on the island gave me very positive and encouraging comments. It's important for me not to forget your target audience while designing. So having made a positive impact for both designers and non designers, makes me really glad.

Eleni Moustaka

Graphic designer and illustrator based in Athens, Greece.

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