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Menna Alhawashi
July 26, 2019
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The aim of the project is to solve a furniture related problems in Egyptian schools. Taking one of the oldest and most famous schools in Egypt “Sacré-Coeur Helioplis School” as a project to work on.
The main area the focus was on is the school yard/play ground and after observing and analyzing, it was found that the main problem is the lack of a seating object/area and the usage of the ground, pavement or stairs as a seating place.
“LEVELS” are multifunctional seatings designed to offer as a seating area as well as studying, eating and chilling object. Their forms are mainly inspired from the building’s architecture and the patterns on it,It could seat more than one person with different body sizes and positions.
“Levels” is designed to be used in every possible way with no waste of space nor material.

The main inspiration was the school building’s architecture and the pattern on it.Took the pattern, abstracted it creating different shapes.
The seating is designed out of separate wood strips rather than a block of wood to avoid waste of material to make the seating lighter.
The material of the seating is Pinewood as it is affordable for schools, durable for foot traffic, stiff wood ,light weight, shock, hot weather and humidity resistant, has less environmental impact.(trees grow so quickly).

The design is first drawn as a sketch with real life dimensions and then using 3D RHINO to visualize the object in details as a 3D model to reach the most realistic image and after finishing the design, i used Keyshot for adding material, color and rendering it.

The seatings are not only experimented in the real environment but also with real users. They were school children aging from 5 to 16.They found it very playful and appealing. They used it differently, some preferred sitting as a group together, others used it individually.Also, when young adults saw it on campus they found it very comfortable, creative and very practical to even use in different scenarios not only in school yards.They could be used as seating for public spaces and gardens.

Menna Alhawashi

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