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LG Beats Tag / BT Speaker

LG Beats Tag / BT Speaker

Hyungju Do
July 24, 2017

Beats tag is a concept product from 2015 LG electronics Co-Work project. The brand-new fabric portable Bluetooth speaker is for any situation, any place, and anyone.
It's been simplified into geometric shapes of a circle with a rectangle.

'Beats tag' is not only contains the texture of the fabric but also, flexibly band like real Fabric.
Moreover, it can be used in four different ways.

We thought it was a top priority to listen to music.
We used a soft fabric from Kvadrat to the exterior and even designed speakers that could bend.
While considering the shape of the Body and control buttons, We were inspired by geometric shapes of a circle with a rectangle for comfort.
Cobalt blue, Indi Pink, Mint, White, Black 5 colors are classy and charming.

We used Rhino 5.0 / Keyshot / Photoshop.
It was Co-Work Project with LG electronics in 2015
We did whole process, Research, Role play, Sketch to Modeling and made soft Mock-up.]

I did rough sketches to make lots of ideas. And then summarized and refined those ideas to final design. Create 3D modeling as a final design, and apply the appropriate materials and colors with the rendering tools.

We also exhibited this product. I received positive feedback.
People showed a lot of interest in a new type of speaker, and many people wanted to buy it.
but not planned for production.
You can also see the project here.

This project has also been a huge learning experience for me.

Copyright ⓒ. 2015 LG Electronics with HyungJu & JiHye. All rights Reserved.

HyungJu / [email protected]

JiHye / [email protected]

Hyungju Do

Korea Design Membership 8th
2015 - 2017

/ Co-work Project /
SAMSUNG electronics / Director / 2016
LG electronics / Team Leader / 2015
BANDO OPTICAL / Director / 2016 - Production
Paece Korea / Director / 2015
ILWEOL electronics / 2014 - Production


Spark Award
Concept design / Spark! / 2017

Spark Award
Concept design / Finalist! / 2017

PIN UP Award
Concept Design / WINNER / 2016

Daegu Design Exhibition Award / GOLD / 2016

Daegu Design Exhibition Award / Selected Works / 2016

Hanil Electric
Product Design Award / Selected Works / 2016

Best of Graduation Project
Transportation / Grand Prize / 2016

Concept Award / WINNER / 2016

International EV Concept Award / GOLD / 2016

International EV Concept Award / Vision Prize / 2016

Korea Eyewear Design Competition / Special Selected / 2015

YU Start-up Item Challenge / Honorable mention / 2015

YU Start-up Challenge Best of Best / WINNER / 2014

Red International Award / Selected Works / 2014

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