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Liberating Research

Liberating Research

Steven Waring
June 5, 2017
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An extensive programme of branding and implementation, primarily over digital, for an online medical survey startup. The brief was to divert away from the visual aesthetic traditionally associated with healthcare and try something more approachable. The client was keen to create something bright and bold whilst being sensitive to the subject matters covered.

The client is long standing and someone I knew before this project began – we work in an organic way. I showed works in progress, scamps and rough-cuts to gauge reaction before refining. Accessibility was key. We looked initially at the overall brand identity before looking at how this may play out over the various applications (namely digital).

Logistically, the majority of work is vector based and so Illustrator was the main programme used. I set down a grid system where the illustrative elements can fit together in different compositions. Simplicity was key – we wanted to create something visually interesting whilst steering clear of a style that would become to narrow in meaning.

It seems to have been well received. The biggest compliment is that it doesn't look like something from the healthcare realm, so it hit the brief in that sense. The largest and most challenging part was working on the digital aspect – wire framing and testing 60+ bespoke pages before tackling the design aspect. The project continues to grow and develop – the flexibility (and simplicity) of the brand allows for changes in tone and the ability to keep things fresh.

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