This is a challenge Competition for our studio only.It;s target is to create a simple idea for designing a library in short time .It must have a hidden meaning behind the idea so it will be a training to think to design in different way and to be creative .

The idea of the design came from infinity concept as there is no limits for people’s imagination by learning , so in many past centuries there was always place to keep books or special papers that contains important information so the next generation can learn from them.So there is no limits for creativity and ideas and the most important place for a large amount of resources and knowledge is the library.Materials used are white color concrete ,dark steel and blue reflected glass for curtain walls.

I used autocad to make plans of the building ,Then I used 3d studio max program to create the building 3d model and environment (trees-lawn-streets-lighting-surrounding buildings)and materials and vray render for making the output photos and photoshop to put people in photos,create effects and editing the sky and some colors of the photos.

The concept is very simple but people liked my idea .I learnt that there is often some hidden meanings behind each design that affects the nature of the project and this is what makes the project unique and creative from the other projects.

mokhtar saber

I am an architect and interior designer.I graduated from the Arab academy for science and technology and maritime transport 3 years ago.Now I am one of the founders of Arch point design studio.We seek to develop our designs and to become one of the best studios in Egypt.