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Life of Whale

Life of Whale

Ahmed karem
March 28, 2019
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Hi ! @ahmedkaremeg
it's a new design called "Life of Whale" ♥
i have mixed the picture of whale with a boat to create this picture, it's so simple but has a deep meaning, i was trying to make color so warm and making blue more common in picture because The blue color is the color of the sky and the sea. It indicates the extended and large horizon. It gives a sense of capacity and comfort to the human soul. It is also a calm and transparent color that calls for the ability to create calm and meditation and helps to relax effectively.

I got the idea from an Egyptian designer name AMR ELSHAMY he took a photo and add the whale but using another way and another effect, so i decide to make the same picture with another effect and another idea and the blue color, if you read my last post "Re Edit" you will know that i love to play with colors of picture to make it so adorable.

i always used photoshop and some times lightroom if i need to balance between colors in the picture,
So how i made this design?
you will see it's very simple if you saw the steps, actually it is it's so simple,
i got the whale picture from unsplash the owner of this picture is unknown, and the boat picture i got it from aaron-burden-631982-unsplash
when i download all pictures i mixed it together, i add the boat above the whale and changed it to "screen"
after this i open camera raw filter and changed the color,
and i got the final result.

i found a lot of people love it and the began to set it as wallpaper on their phone and another set it as wallpaper for whatsapp, they send screenshots to me and i was very happy of this and i know that i should upgrade my skills, as i said before i should update my way and my skills to do a new projects.

Ahmed karem

Hi My name is Ahmed Karem the owner of AK Company and CO-Founder at Attractive Advertisement, I am a Designer and writer. currently living in Egypt. My interests range from Design to Music. I am also interested in Photography, Gaming, Editing, and Video Games. My main work is a Graphic Designer at Advertising and marketing.

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