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Line Kitchen

Line Kitchen

Aylen Nahir Chein
December 27, 2022
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A kitchen project that blends into horizontal and vertical lines with games of extreme transparency and opacity.

The idea comes from playing with complementary dualities: black and white, glass and stone, wood and metal.
That is why, by way of layers, I centered the light, the transparent and the fragile in the center of the kitchen, and towards the outside, the hardest, darkest and most opaque materials.

The creative process varies depending on what you want to convey, in this case, start playing with the shapes and materials inside the "shell" that would be the built part.

I learned that we can play with different shapes and sometimes different color schemes.

Aylen Nahir Chein

Hi! I am Aylen.
I want to tell you that I have been venturing into the field of architecture and design for more than 10 years. I am passionate about creating livable and comfortable spaces, projecting them in the detailed elaboration of 3D experiences.

I obtained training as an Architect, Superior Technician in Interior Design, and one of my greatest strengths is to capture the desire that the client brings behind each need.

I like to be methodical, I have a great passion for details and I am an expert in creating comfortable and fluid dialogue spaces to reach the goal.

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